設立当初4名の社員でスタートしました。創業時から大切にしてきた経営理念【Advancing People Advancing the Future 人を育て、未来を育てる】のもと、リノヴェグループは約200名の会社に成長いたしました。当社は企業主導型保育、学童クラブといった子育て支援施設を全国で運営する企業です。



Message from the Company President

For the children of the next century.This company started with just 4 staff members. From the start we have cherished our company principle “Advancing People Advancing the Future,” and Linove Group has since grown to almost 200 staff members. Our company now provides childcare support services such as corporate-sponsored nurseries and after-school childcare facilities throughout Japan.

Japan is lagging behind other Asian countries in English education. Now that we are living in an age when English education is a familiar, everyday part of children’s lives, our company provides nursery services with the added value of English education, and we feel that value increasing. Based on the English curriculum we have developed through our childcare facilities, English becomes familiar to the children and a part of their lives. Also, through our English curriculum, we can provide an environment in which children can enjoy learning English through play.By spending every day with and becoming close to native English-speaking foreign teachers and nursery staff from early childhood, we want the children to grow into global talent who can play an active role in the world.

With all of our staff working together towards “the realization of a society in which it is a easy to raise children and the development of global talent,” we are aiming to become a childcare business that can speak to the children of the next century.
We look forward to your continued support in the future.




末永 庄吾